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I run a high-end property that was known for receiving many complaints of trash odors from our trash/compactor rooms. We purchased the Fresh Foam Carts which has made the routine for my staff to control the odors a breeze. Plus, now, we have zero complaints and our residents are much happier. I recommend the Foam Cart to any property looking for an easy clean and odor control.
Al Rasheed, Sr.
Service Manager, Alliance Residential
I purchased this product in the summertime when we were in fruit fly and fly season. Since we began using Fresh Foam it has completed alleviated all fruit fly and fly issues. This product is great!
Rycce Chin-Quee
Property Manager, Citrus Village
I have a building that has not had it trash chute cleaned in over 30 years. We received odors complaints and had a very difficult time controlling the problem. Since I have purchased the Foam Cart, our problems have been solved! The staff and residents are thrilled with the results. After using the product the pest, odors and overtime have been eliminated. We could not be happier with this product.
Joyce Martin
Regional Manager, Amurcon Realty
After an exhaustive search and your contacting,me via an invitation to come to the recent NJ Cooperator Show, I discovered your services. I must admit at first I was a bit in denial that the product would work, but after seeing the product in action I am very pleased with the results, and I would highly recommend your service to those who are looking to deodorize and clean their trash shoots and surrounding areas. I am looking forward to a long and productive business relationship with you and Fresh Foam in the future. Keep up the good work.
Jim Hicks
Community Manager, Nobility Crest at Ocean
An awesome company that takes good care of its clients. I would strongly recommend this company and their services. After using this product most of the odors were eliminated. We could not be happier with this product.
Sattie Persaud-Alami
Senior Property Manager, WPM Real Estate Mgmt.
We have been using Fresh Foam products for a while now and have found them to be a big help with cleaning our dirtiest areas and curbing pesky odors. It works especially well on our trash chutes. I would highly recommend using their services if you have areas that are smelly and difficult to clean
Tanis Ritchie
Senior Community Manager, Mid Atlantic Housing Development Corp.

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