Spring Cleaning More Important Than Ever Before

Spring is here! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and windows are opening. April, May, and June have so much to offer. Beautiful skies, heavenly breezes and near-perfect temperatures, no heat or air conditioning required. With each new day, the earth is a little greener and the spring rains wash away more of the dirt left behind by winter. This is the time when the earth begins its rejuvenation and new life is all around us. The earth is taking care of itself and so should we use this time to give ourselves and our spaces a cleansing refresh. 

Whether you’re tackling your own personal space or multiple spaces in a community one of the easiest ways to peel back those dirty layers of winter, shake off the dust and lift your spirits is with a thorough spring cleaning. Many people see it as a laborious, time-consuming chore. But spring cleaning can actually be quite simple if you break it up into smaller more manageable projects. Here are some of the most common projects that will give you a big payoff for not too much work.

Blinds, Curtains, and Windows

Take your curtains down and throw them in the wash. (If they are not washable, vacuum them with the upholstery attachment.) While they are going through the delicate cycle clean the windows. If you have blinds soak them in the tub. Vacuum out the tracks in the windows, and Windex the inside and the outside if possible. They don’t need to be perfect. Then you can rinse the blinds and hang them up with the window open. By the time you’re finished rehanging them, you can rehang the curtains and if they happen to be wet you’ll hopefully, have fewer wrinkles. The room will smell better and you’ll breathe better.

Baseboards and Crown Moulding

Fill a bucket with white vinegar and hot water. Use a squeezed out dishcloth to wipe the baseboards and crown molding, rinsing frequently. The vinegar will kill the germs, pick up the dust and will not leave a residue or harm your wood. And since you’re moving the furniture to get to those places, sprinkle a little fabric softener or baking soda on the carpet and vacuum the spaces underneath those items you wouldn’t typically move.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Dust really collects on these things especially in a kitchen and a shared clubhouse area where the steam from cooking carries grease into the air. It coats the surfaces and makes it easier for dust, dirt, and odors to cling to them. Cleaning the fan blades and wiping down the fixtures (even the lightbulbs) will add to the fresher smelling air and eliminate germs. Plus your space will look brighter.

High Touch and High Traffic Areas

Doors and door jams are always collecting fingerprints and germs. Switchplates and the bit of wall that surround them tend to collect dirt as well. Small throw rugs such as the ones in front of your sink, your back door, your hallways, and the lobby get constant use. Washing all of these places and rugs will actually brighten your space, make it smell fresher and most importantly eliminate all kinds of dirt, dust, germs, and bacteria. 

Once you’ve tackled these more uncommon chores give your spring cleaning project the ultimate final touch. Call Fresh Foam and schedule our Repel A Smell and Foam Cleaning services. Repel A Smell can be used in an entire apartment to eliminate germs, old food smells and animal odors. It can even eliminate cigarette smoke which sticks to everything. You can have the common areas of your building such as the laundry rooms and clubhouse treated too. 

Fresh Foam can be used to treat and disinfect your other stinky, germ-infested areas. The garage and the bathroom are a catch-all for grossness and dirt. The garbage room, dumpster corral, even the common area bathrooms are full of germs and stink. Disinfecting these areas will leave them clean and safe. With current events as they are you can’t be too safe and everyone is scrutinizing areas, they didn’t look twice at before. So going the extras mile will not only leave your areas shiny and smelling fresh it will give the people who use them a sense of safety and security during a time in our lives when those things are wavering. Let us help you get the most out of your spring cleaning. Contact us today to find out about Fresh Foam’s Disinfecting and Foam Services.