Elevator Cleaning

Fresh Foam

Dirty Elevators? Get Clean Today!

Our steam cleaning process keeps your elevators running smoothly by removing dirt and grease that gets trapped in the baseplates, thresholds and tracks.

Although many service contracts cover elevator maintenance and repair, they often overlook this vital cleaning process that helps keep your elevator operating well. Without regular cleaning, the built-up grime may interfere with the operation of your elevator doors, which could lead to potential safety issues and possible REAC Inspection violations.

Let our professional staff take your elevator to the next level by safely and successfully cleaning these problem areas and your elevator cab surfaces, too! Learn more below and don’t forget to check out our FAQ page for more information. 

BEnefits Of

Professional Elevator Cleaning

Fresh Foam


Certain cleaning chemicals and disinfectants can damage the surfaces of your elevator! The metal surfaces require care and specific cleaning procedures to keep the brass and stainless steel looking its best for years to come.

Has excess cleaning during the past year left dull and corroded surfaces on the interior and exterior of your elevator? Fresh Foam will assess and properly clean all the areas of your elevator cab.

If possible, Fresh Foam will restore surfaces as part of our Elevator Cleaning Service.