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Dirty Stained Carpet? No problem!

Keep the lobby, hallway and common area carpets clean and odor-free with Fresh Foam’s professional carpet cleaning service for businesses and multifamily properties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC, and the greater New York City area.

While there are many commercial carpet cleaning services, most of them take an “every carpet is the same” approach to their cleaning process. We know that each carpet and stain is not the same, so our trained and certified technicians take a scientific approach to eliminate odors, including lingering pet, smoke, and food smells, from your high-traffic areas. Call Fresh Foam at 844-487-3626 or fill out the form on this page to schedule a carpet evaluation today.


Fresh Foam’s carpet technicians will evaluate the exact fibers, stain types, and manufacturer specifications of your property’s carpet to determine which methods will work best for each carpet. We use a method of carpet cleaning called encapsulation, or “encap.” Encapsulation is faster and provides a deeper clean than vacuuming but uses less water than traditional steam cleaning. Our encapsulation process extends the lifecycle and appearance of your carpets while bridging the gap between daily vacuum maintenance and more expensive steam extraction carpet cleaning

Don’t sweep routine cleaning under the rug! Keep your carpets looking their best and save money with a superior carpet cleaning service that reduces dry time, prevents wicking, and lowers your building’s maintenance and cleaning costs. Let Fresh Foam’s trained carpet technicians bring new life to your high-traffic areas with our carpet cleaning maintenance program.

Benefits of professional Carpet cleaning with fresh foam

  • Trained and IICRC-certified technicians evaluate the carpet, measure each area and identify the right process for a thorough cleaning.
  • An encapsulation solution is applied and worked into the carpet. The solution binds to the soil, encapsulates it, and dries into a hardened crystal that will then be removed by regular vacuuming.
  • If necessary, our carpet cleaning experts select the right chemicals to treat and remove stubborn stains – even paint spills.
  • Work with one service provider – Fresh Foam – to clean your high-traffic carpets, elevators, and trash maintenance areas.

Watch Our Carpet Cleaning in Action!

fresh foam cleaning technician using carpet cleaning encapsulation machinefresh foam cleaning technician using carpet cleaning encapsulation machine
Carpet Cleaning extraction side viewCarpet Cleaning extraction side view
A Fresh Foam employee using a machine for carpet cleaningA Fresh Foam employee using a machine for carpet cleaning

Clean According to Requirements

At Fresh Foam, we understand that one generic cleaning process isn’t the answer to keeping carpets stain-free and spotless. Using the same standard method for every carpet type will not only result in improper cleaning, it may even damage the carpet – and void its warranty. That’s why we do things differently. Before we begin our cleaning process, our technicians will:

  • Consult with the property managers to fully understand the exact carpet care requirements.
  • Acquire special cleaning equipment if required for a specific style of carpet to make sure the job is done right.
  • Review all warranty guidelines to ensure that the carpets are cleaned according to manufacturer specifications in order to prevent damage and voided warranties.
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