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Foam Caddy

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No Rinse. Easy To Use.

Why you need the FOAM Caddy.

  • In-House control for cleaning & deodorizing Compactors, Dumpsters, Drains, Floors and more.
  • FOAM cleans grease and grime found in areas common to pests.
  • Improved resident satisfaction with the reductions of complaints related to trash areas and common problems.
  • Elimination of multiple cleaning supplies by utilizing a user-friendly no rinse foam.

**Under certain circumstances, the Fresh Foam Caddy, may be approved as a reserve-eligible item for those management companies/owners that require agency approval for the purchase.

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1 review for Foam Caddy

  1. Al Rasheed Sr. Service Manager, Alliance Residential

    I run a high-end property that was known for receiving many complaints of trash odors from our trash/compactor rooms. We purchased the Fresh Foam Carts which has made the routine for my staff to control the odors a breeze. Plus, now, we have zero complaints and our residents are much happier. I recommend the Foam Cart to any property looking for an easy clean and odor control.

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