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Fresh Foam products and pet odor removal services can help you quickly get a vacated apartment ready for occupancy by a new tenant. Property managers know that no matter how clean and good looking you get a unit, unpleasant odors can kill the deal for any prospective tenant. Often, you can tell right when you enter someone’s home if they’re a smoker or if they have a pet. This is unacceptable when you’re trying to get a newly vacant apartment reoccupied. At Fresh Foam, our Repel-A-Smell product is fantastic at eliminating bothersome smoke and pet odors in less than 24 hours. Spend less time getting an apartment rented and put more money in your pocket. Contact Fresh Foam for a free estimate today.


Pet Odor

We all love our pets, but if we’re in the market for a new apartment, we don’t love smelling traces of the previous tenant’s pets. Pet odors can permeate an entire apartment, and this is all the more true in units with wall-to-wall carpeting where those millions of carpet fibers have soaked up that smell over time. As a property manager, you can save time and money in odor elimination with our Repel-A-Smell product. It hits all cracks, crevices and carpet fibers in an apartment with a pleasant scent that completely eliminates the unpleasant odors. Now you won’t have to waste time and money replacing carpeting or taking other drastic steps to eliminate odors when we make it easy for you.

Smoke Odor

Smoke odors can be one of the most unpleasant smells to encounter when entering an apartment you’re thinking of renting. The odor can be very strong when a previous tenant has lived and smoked in the apartment for months or even years. As a property manager, this can be one of the hardest odors for you to get rid of when trying to turn around an apartment that had a smoking tenant. It will have soaked into the carpet fibers and any other cracks and crevices in the place. This is where our Repel-A-Smell product truly excels. It uses chlorine dioxide gas, which also permeates all the cracks, crevices and carpet fibers in an apartment, but it does so with a pleasant odor that leaves the apartment smelling fresh for the first prospective tenant to come through the door.

The chlorine dioxide in Repel-A-Smell expands uniformly into all available spaces in an apartment. This will include all cracks and crevices where bad odors might be hiding. This enables it to come into contact with all the surfaces within an apartment, so it leaves no potential odor source untouched. It will even get down into the smallest parts of carpet fibers, and the result is a residential unit that’s smelling clean and fresh for a new tenant.

“Repel-A-Smell is the last process you’ll complete in your apartment turnover.”

As a property manager, you know how expensive it can be to prepare a vacated apartment for a new tenant. At Fresh Foam, we are here with our Repel-A-Smell product to save you money when it comes to odor elimination. Pet, smoke and food odors can linger in the air long after someone has moved out. We’ll help you handle these bad smells, so you can quickly get vacated units rented again.

DO It Yourself

Do-it-yourself kits: $50-$110


Our team of professionals at Fresh Foam can sell you what you need, so your in-house staff can do the work, or we’ll do it for you if you’re in the New York City to Washington D.C. areas. You can be confident that our products or service will save you money in cleaning and deodorizing your commercial or residential properties. At Fresh Foam, you only buy the products or services you need. Repel-A-Smell is an optional product or service that you may not need.

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