Trash Chutes – More Important Than You Think

Trash chutes offer an easy, safe way to dispose of the large amounts of trash created in a multi-story building, whether that building houses apartments or businesses. Rather than transporting trash down the stairs or elevators, risking a bag breaking open at any point, occupants simply drop their trash down the chute. All trash is then deposited in one location on the lowest floor where it can be easily collected and disposed of.

We’ve all seen the gag in television shows or movies in which the trash chute gets jammed. However, trash chutes are designed as tubes in order to help prevent trash from becoming snagged on any corners or stuck in the chute. The doors to the chutes are typically square or rectangular, making the entrance to the chute the only place of concern for any snags. So long as those using the chute are careful to place only one bag in at a time, you can rest assured that the trash chute will not cause any additional trash issues.


The most obvious benefit of a trash chute is convenience. Building occupants will appreciate not needing to haul trash down the stairs or elevator. Cleaning and maintenance crews will appreciate having all trash gathered in just one location for disposal. Most of all, you will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing that trash is not piling up in the areas used by visitors and occupants.

Health & Safety

Although it may seem like a convenience rather than a necessity, trash chutes also increase the safety of a building. When trash is regularly removed from the building, the risk of bacteria or pathogen spread is minimized. The presence of rodents and insects, which can spread diseases and contribute to the general dirtiness of the building, will also be reduced. However, if taking out the trash is a hassle, building occupants are more likely to let it get full (or even overflow) before taking it out, opening your building up to these dangers.

Pleasant Environment

Ensuring that your building’s trash is regularly removed from working or living spaces via a trash chute will also keep your building pleasant. Air quality will be improved, due to a reduction in trash smells and the bacteria often present in trash. This means a better environment for all, particularly those suffering from allergies, asthma, or similar conditions.

Visitors and residents will also appreciate not seeing piles of trash. A clean, trash-free building is one people want to spend time in. Thus, your trash chute can increase your ability to rent out your building as apartments, office spaces, or whatever other uses are appropriate for your space.

Regular Cleaning

Whatever your reasons for utilizing a trash chute in your building, make sure to have it regularly inspected and cleaned by an experienced professional. This will prevent the buildup of nasty odors and bacteria over time and keep your trash chute functioning as the asset it should be to your building. Contact us today to find out how our Fresh Foam can keep your trash chutes working smoothly and smelling great.