Closeup of a foam spinner chute

Trash Chute Maintenance: Everyone’s Job

Garbage discharge systems are used daily around the world by millions of people. Although most people know the benefits of these systems, they often don’t know exactly how they work and why – and how – they need to be kept clean at all times. Like many things, we only take notice of them when they aren’t working. That’s why it is important to know a few of the technical details behind trash chutes.

Knowing Your Trash Chute System

Trash chutes, sometimes referred to as hoppers, are a great way to get rid of tons of trash. Users simply drop the trash down the chute and into a containment area below. Sometimes the trash falls into large bins and the bins are then moved to the outside of the building for pick up. Other times the trash falls into a compactor where it is compressed and then readied for removal.

The dilemma with trash chutes is that without proper maintenance, waste materials, debris, and allergens can build up in the duct system that carries the trash to the lower floor. This creates the perfect environment for odors, bacterial growth, mold, and other harmful organisms. To make matters worse, garbage chutes are equipped with vents, which means the air inside can circulate into the hallways and even into individual apartments exposing everyone to these health hazards.

Facts About Chute Cleaning

Trash chute cleaning and disinfecting should be performed routinely by a professional chute cleaning company. In addition to the benefit of improved air quality, there are several benefits to having your chute cleaned regularly. Having a clean chute means you are less likely to have an insect or rodent problem, especially during the colder months when these pests seek refuge from the cold inside. You also decrease the likelihood of disease and illness being spread throughout the building.

However, cleaning your chute isn’t just about power washing it. A professional cleaning company will use the right tools and cleaners for the job to ensure not only is your chute clean, but the process is safe for your residents as well. At Fresh Foam our innovative no-rinse foaming disinfectant cleaner uses live bacteria to thoroughly and safely clean and deodorizes your property’s indoor and outdoor trash maintenance areas. It is environmentally friendly, uses less water, and sticks to any surface to absorb grime and eliminate pest attractions. Our no-rinse cleaning technology is a quicker, more effective, and less disruptive solution than traditional power washing.

Cleaning Guidelines

Although cleaning and maintenance of trach chutes lies heavily on the building managers, residents of the building also play an important role in ensuring the trash chutes are clean and working properly. Sticking to the following guidelines makes for easier and less expensive trash chute maintenance:

  • Proper Bagging – All items should be bagged and tied to ensure materials don’t get stuck in the chute or spill over the walls of the chute. If a bag appears to be leaking, clean up the mess and place the contents of the bag in another bag.
  • Large Items – Longer and larger trash items should not be placed down the chute. These items can result in a blockage and trash build up, which ultimately lead to unpleasant odors. This may also require expensive repairs.
  • Ensuring Full Disposal – All building occupants should be aware of the safety flap inside trash chutes that can prevent lighter bags of garbage from going down the chute. If this happens, a gentle push will keep it moving.

Whether a tenant or a building manager, the job of keep the chutes clean is everyone’s responsibility. While cleaning trash chutes may seem like a daunting task, asking your residents to stick to the chute guidelines and employing the services of an experienced trash chute company are two big steps in the right direction. Contact Fresh Foam today to learn more about how we can help keep your trash chutes, compactors, dumpsters, and more clean, safe, and odor-free.