Man opening a trash chute to throw a garbage bag in it.

Questions About Your Trash Chute? We Have Answers!

A trash chute, also known as a garbage chute, is a tube typically made of galvanized steel that allows trash to fall from higher areas of a building to lower levels. Chutes must be one length from top to bottom and must be installed and maintained by the National Fire Protection Agency. Although there are different types of chutes, they are all identical in construction with the exception of their entry and exit points. Now that you know the basics of trash chutes, lets discuss some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to these building workhorses.

Where Does Trash Go When Using a Trash Chute?

In a large high-rise building, trash chutes are typically emptied directly into a trash compactor. Smaller buildings may have a manual door that empties into a dumpster which can then be pushed out for garbage pickup.

What Type of Garbage Can I Put in a Trash Chute?

Although a building manager must ensure trash chutes are properly maintained, a large part of chute maintenance falls on the residents who live there because they are the ones using the chutes daily. For garbage chutes, all household waste should be wrapped and sealed tightly in plastic bags. If your building has a recycling chute, it is best to crush milk cartons and large plastic jugs, as well as soda cans and other things that can be made smaller. Most building managers have signs posted at the entrance of trash chutes outlining what can and cannot be put down the chute, as well as how to break down or dispose of certain items.

How Can I Reduce Odors in the Trash Chute?

Regular cleaning of your trash chute and other trash maintenance areas will ensure that build up doesn’t occur on the inside of the trash chute and doors creating a lasting odor. There are also options for controlling the odor between cleanings. Ask us for more information.

Is Pressure Washing My Chute Enough?

Unfortunately, no. There can be a lot of build up along the walls of your trash chute, as well as the doors and base. Cleaning companies will thoroughly clean all of areas using methods that high water pressure alone can’t remedy.

How Does Trash Chute Cleaning Work?

Professional trash chute cleaning not only cleans your dirtiest areas, but disinfect them as well. Our innovative no-rinse foaming disinfectant cleaner uses live bacteria to thoroughly and safely clean and deodorize your trash maintenance areas. Our foam cleaner sticks to any surface to absorb grime and eliminate pest attractions. Our no-rinse technology is quicker, more effective, less disruptive, and more environmentally friendly than traditional power washing.

How Often Should I Clean My Trash Chute?

This depends on how much traffic your chute receives. Higher traffic chutes should be cleaned more often. Even those that get average use should be cleaned at least twice a year, especially before major holidays when your trash compactor will get a lot of use. Again, this depends on how often people are using the chute, as well as what they are dumping. If rotting food and cat litter are regularly dumped down your chute, cleaning it more frequently may help alleviate persistent odors.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Trash Chute?

Trash chutes and other trash maintenance areas are breeding grounds for toxins, bacteria, insects, and rodents. Cleaning and disinfecting your trash maintenance areas on a regular basis helps alleviate the risk of these unwanted hazards, as well as keeping unwanted odors from forming.

What Are the Monetary Impacts of Not Maintaining My Trash Chute?

Leaving your trash chute and compactor dirty too long can cost money. If too much dirt and grime builds up, it can cause equipment undue stress which could results in costly repairs you will have to pay to fix. Build up can also make the machinery work harder which can result in higher electrical bills.

Why Should I Have My Trash Chute Professionally Cleaned?

There are a lot of areas you simply can’t reach trying to clean your trash maintenance areas on your own. Our professional team has the tools to reach places you may not even realize need cleaned. In addition, we are able deep clean, disinfect, and troubleshoot any problems you may be having.

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