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Hire Experts to Protect Against COVID-19

Like it or not, COVID-19 will continue to be a concern for some time. It can be overwhelming juggling local health department guidelines, customer needs, and ever-changing information about the virus. There are some fairly simple ways to help reduce the risk to your business, employees, and customers, though, primarily through thoroughly cleaning your buildings. These disinfecting tips will also be useful in combatting the common cold and flu as well.

Take Precautions

The first step in keeping your building and its occupants healthy is to require customers and employees to wear masks and submit to temperature checks upon entering. While these precautions are not guaranteed to keep your business COVID free, they can reduce your risk. Your local health department or government may already recommend or require these mitigation steps, so be sure to keep up to date on local regulations. Even if there are no local ordinances requiring masking or temperature checks, such precautions can help reduce risk of illness and legal liability.

Clean Regularly

Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, hand rails, light switches, and pin pads should be cleaned multiple times each day. Deeper cleanings can occur less frequently, but any high-touch surfaces pose a greater risk of transmitting the virus. Therefore, they need to be cleaned periodically using a disinfectant that is EPA approved for use against the coronavirus which causes COVID-19. The EPA has published an extensive list of approved cleaners, which is updated frequently as new cleaners are tested and approved. These cleaners are not necessarily specialty cleaners and could already be in use by your janitorial staff, but you should check your cleaners against the list to ensure that you are using the best products for the job.


Cleaning high-touch surfaces is important, but it is certainly not the only portion of your building in need of cleaning. Do not overlook the importance of cleaning and sanitizing your HVAC system. COVID-19 is airborne, so the recirculation of air is an important place to start to protect your business. Although there are DIY options, a professional cleaning is the best assurance of health and safety. Cleaning the HVAC system can also help to reduce general irritants in the air, which can cause or worsen allergies, making it a valuable step even after the pandemic is over.

Hire an Expert

A company that conducts cleanings according to COVID protocols can help you to protect your business. If you’ve already employed a janitorial service, you can simply ensure that they are adequately trained in mitigation of COVID-19 risks. Although cleanings of high-touch surfaces throughout the day can be conducted by your employees, more thorough cleanings should also be scheduled. This is particularly important for restroom sanitation. Restrooms can harbor countless germs and viruses, impacting your customers and employees.

When selecting a company or expert to deep clean your building, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Look for a company that will implement COVID cleaning protocols and take your business’s needs and schedule into consideration. At Fresh Foam we provide disinfecting services that range from general wipe downs to reactive disinfecting treatments and everything in between. Contact us today to find out more information or visit us online at

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