Having a Clean Elevator Is More Important Than You Think

Regularly cleaning your elevator may not seem like a top priority for your business or property, but keeping this area clean is just as important as other common areas in a multi-tenant commercial building or apartment community. In addition to keeping it looking presentable, routine cleaning is important for the operation, safety, and efficiency of your elevator. Many businesses and apartment property managers use professional elevator cleaning services to ensure elevator cabs, baseplates, thresholds, and tracks are dirt-free. Here are a few of the reasons you should prioritize elevator cleaning for your property’s benefit. 

1. Create Positive Passenger Perception

Commercial elevators come into contact with a lot of different feet and hands, including the dirt, debris, and germs they carry on board with them and an elevator is often one of the first things a potential tenant or customer comes into contact with when entering your property. It can leave a lasting impression on those people, so it is important that it appears clean, safe, and germ-free so it doesn’t present itself poorly to passengers. 

2.  Reduce Health Hazards in Common Areas 

Keeping your elevator clean is about more than just keeping up appearances. In addition to the first impression your elevator provides for your commercial complex or high-rise corporate building, having a clean elevator can eliminate certain safety and health issues. Small enclosed spaces can lead to the spread of unwanted, harmful germs and bacteria. Not all disinfecting treatments are as effective as they need to be so keeping your elevator clean is critical for the health and safety of your passengers. Doors, walls, panels, floors, and buttons should all be cleaned regularly. Even the mirrors, ceiling, and light fixtures should be cleaned regularly. These small things may not appear to get a lot of use but keeping them sparkling and clean helps reduce bacteria, mold, and hazardous viruses and keeps your passengers safer. Fresh Foam offers disinfecting services using an EPA hospital-grade disinfectant for hard surfaces and common areas.

3. Keep Elevators Operating Smoothly

Cleaning your elevator can also improve operations. The pit should be cleaned often to prevent trash and debris from interfering with the mechanisms of your elevator. This will also lessen the chances of a pest infestation on your property. Dirt and grease should be removed from thresholds, baseplates, and tracks to keep them running smoothly. Without regular cleaning, built-up grime could interfere with the operation of elevators doors and other mechanical aspects which could lead to potential safety issues and REAC inspection violations.

Get Started with an Elevator Cleaning Service Plan

At Fresh Foam we use an effective steam cleaning process that cleans and keeps your elevator running smoothly. Although many service contracts cover elevator repair and maintenance, many of them overlook the vital cleaning process. Let our professional staff take your elevator to the next level by safely and successfully cleaning problem areas. Contact Fresh Foam today to learn more about elevator cleaning services for businesses in NY, NJ, and PA.