Don’t Let Foul Dumpster Odors Ruin Your Summer

Foul odors from the dumpsters can quickly turn a good experience for a tenant into an unpleasant one. Offensive odors create a negative impression of your business’ cleanliness, and although all dumpsters will likely experience foul odors at one point or another, summer heat often intensifies an already problematic area.

When your dumpster develops an unpleasant odor, it is likely due to organic waste such as meats, vegetables, urine and other organic materials. Decaying waste and the foul odors it produces attracts insects and pests which can result in even bigger issues than just bad smells. Consequently, eliminating odors shouldn’t be limited to indoors. Eliminating these foul smells outside is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy, clean facility.

Fortunately, with a few simple steps, it is easy to get dumpster odors under control. Here are a few steps to help the stink.

  1. Get the Right Bags – If you aren’t using trash bags, now is the time to make sure your tenants are using them. Well-tied garbage bags seal odors inside so that less odors escape. Encourage residents to use sturdier bags so they aren’t splitting open when tossed in the dumpster.
  2. Keep It Dry – Mold and smelly bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments. Try to keep liquids out of the dumpster and keep the lid or side doors open to air out the dumpster on dry days. This may seem to make the smell worse in the beginning, but you’ll soon dry up the juices causing the odor, which will reduce the problem over time.
  3. Keep Pests Away – Even with the best efforts, raccoons, cats, and mice may wreck your efforts by ripping open trash bags. Limit food temptations by encouraging residents to compost organic waste. You may also want to consider motion sensor lights around your dumpsters to discourage animal visitors.

The average person generates roughly four pounds of trash each day and when that trash piles up over the course of a week, it’s only natural for bad smells to start. Spare your nose from the stench by having your dumpsters routinely cleaned and deodorized.

At Fresh Foam our trash foam is composed of friendly bacteria that eats away at the left over grime and bad bacteria that sticks to the walls of dumpsters. Our trained technicians can evaluate your dumpster, compactor rooms, and trash chutes to develop a plan for maintaining your dirtiest areas to stop odor in its tracks. In addition to our Fresh Foam services, we provide foam dispensing equipment that is best for your needs. Not sure which services or products you need to get the job done? Contact our team of experts to point you in the right direction!