Clean Your Trash Chutes and Garbage Areas the Green Way!

The green cleaning method and the use of environmentally friendly products are commonplace principals we hear about daily. Countless television ads, product labels, and even services are touting their good for the planet practices. Today’s generation is more concerned about the health of our planet than ever before and that concern is trickling down to each and every part of our lives. Its fairly easy to integrate these things into your personal routines but what if you’re a building manager or a superintendent dealing with messes on a far larger scale? How do you adapt to these practices and still get the same results you do now with traditional cleaning and disinfecting methods? 

First, let’s take a look at the traditional methods of cleaning these areas. Power washing is still a popular choice however there is a downside when it comes to the environment. Spraying 100’s of gallons of water down a dirty trash chute creates a huge puddle of garbage juice and debris at the bottom. That liquid slowly empties out through the in-floor drains and carries all the disgusting bacteria and mold from the waste with it. It also mixes with any leftover products that leaked into the chute on the way down such as detergents, cleaners and beauty products. Pressure washing your dumpsters results in the same toxic puddles. 

It is also important to keep in mind that spraying gallons of water down your chute or into your dumpsters does not disinfect them. It actually spreads the germs around, and there are still plenty of them left clinging to those surfaces, you just can’t see them. Typically after a garbage chute and or dumpster have been power washed workers will spray disinfecting chemicals down the chutes and all over the insides of the dumpsters. Unfortunately, that too drips down and mixes right in with that stagnant garbage water. The workers who apply these chemicals are usually doing so in small confined spaces with poor ventilation. Sadly they are not the only ones inhaling these toxins. The residents and employees of the building are breathing them in too. These chemicals float through the air and find their way into the tiniest crevices. Even household pets can’t escape them.

Making the switch to Fresh Foam eliminates all that. Our system makes it easy to clean green. The patented formula is organic and 100% environmentally safe, no chemicals here. And, because there is very little water required for the application using Fresh Foam will not result in the collection of that nasty and disgusting garbage juice. So you’ll no longer have to worry about it leaking into the environment or sitting stagnant at the bottom of the dumpsters and the garbage room. 

Spraying Fresh Foam into the trash chutes and dumpsters will also eliminate the bacteria, mold, and mildew left behind. This invisible residue can become a foul-smelling mess in a short period of time. Removing it couldn’t be easier when you use our foam mixture. It adheres to surfaces instead of dripping down and washing away like traditional disinfectants and cleaners. The foam moves slowly along eating up the debris still stuck to the sides of the chutes and dumpsters. Once it’s dissipated your surfaces will be shiny and clean. There will be no harsh chemicals for workers and residents to breathe in, just a fresh clean scent. But best of all you can be confident our products have done their job and your garbage chute and dumpster cleaning can be a worry free process. 

If you are thinking of making the transition from traditional cleaning methods and adopting a more green approach its best to start with the simple things first. Switching to Fresh Foam for your chute and dumpster cleaning/maintenance program is as easy as sending us an email or picking up the phone. Let our specialized team come out and show you what we can do. Once you have added us to your list of vendors you’ll be able to brush your worries to the side. Engaging Fresh Foam for your cleaning and disinfecting needs will make your life easier and your building healthier. So give us a call today and let us be the first step in your transition to a greener clean.