Are Your Services Being Outsourced? You Might Want to Think Again.

One of the most important factors tenants consider when leasing a residence is cleanliness. That includes everything from the odors they smell, carpet cleanliness, how clean public and private areas of the building or complex are, and whether trash holding areas are maintained and clean. Building managers and owners must decide the most effective way to ensure all areas of the property are maintained, clean, and odor free. Just one bad review can damage a property’s reputation.

That makes it even more important for building owners and managers to know exactly who will be handling the cleaning tasks when they contract with a company. Is the company you contract with going to be performing the services yourself, or will they be contracting out your services to another provider? If they are going to contract out your services to another provider, you might want to think twice, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Communication Difficulties – The more people involved in the services you need, the more likely there are to be issues with communicating your needs. Working directly with the professionals you contract with means you can communicate directly with the team that will be doing the work and not a middleman.
  • Supplies and Equipment – Specialty cleaning services require specialty equipment and products. This ensures the services you purchased will be done correctly, efficiently, and without damage to your building or equipment. If the company you contract with outsources your contract to another provider, you may not be getting the services you thought.
  • Insurance and Liability – As with any other industry there are liabilities associated with trash chute cleaning, carpet cleaning, and many other services we offer. By providing all our contracted services ourselves, we can ensure that we have the insurance and liability needed to protect you in the event there were any unexpected issues.
  • Safety Training – By providing services with our own staff, we can assure you that our team is trained and up to date on safety issues related to the products and equipment we use. If your provider contracts out your services, they may not be able to ensure the workers performing the job are trained, which could result in an unfortunate accident.
  • Familiarity – When you contract with a cleaning provider who performs the services of the contract themselves, they are already familiar with the work being performed and of the special needs of your facility. This should provide considerable value when choosing your cleaning professionals.

While it is common for service contracts to be outsourced due to the belief that the practice can increase quality while lowering costs, this isn’t always the case. When choosing a company to handle any areas of cleaning and maintenance in your facility, be sure to consider the following:

  • Communication – An effective contractor will maintain transparent lines of communication. You should be able to openly discuss their policies and procedures and feel comfortable addressing potential issues before they arise.
  • Products and Equipment – Professional service providers will use high quality equipment and products that are specific to the services they will be providing. Some contractors may be tempted to cut corners to reduce costs, but a reliable, professional provider will never do that.
  • Security – Professional providers will ensure that your property is secure and that their services disrupt your business as little as possible. They will be up to date about safety issues and any concerns with the equipment and products they use to ensure your tenants and employees are not at risk.

Ensure you get the services you contract for from professionals you know and trust, contact us today. We never outsource our contracts to other providers. When you work with us, you work with one of our professional team members from the very first contact through any type of service we provide. Visit our services page to learn more, and request a free quote today!