Are Bad Odors Costing You Money? We Can Help!

When you are trying to rent or sell a home, the smell inside (and even outside) will be important in helping you get it done. Of course, odorless is likely to please all audiences, but having a fresh, clean smell will also increase sales. At Fresh Foam, we have the ability to not just clean your property, but leave it smelling great.

Best Scents for a Residence

If you are going to attempt to make a home smell good, the first step is cleaning it thoroughly. Clean the carpet, trash chutes, garbage storage areas, and disinfect. If you are going to try to give a warm, welcoming scent beyond fresh and clean, consider scents that will appeal to a large audience such as vanilla, lavender, citrus, or pine.

These scents can be accomplished with the use of candles, essential oils, and even food. Some real estate agents have found that baking a batch of cookies in the home, or boiling orange slices and cinnamon sticks on the stove top can help create a smell that potential residents enjoy.

Dealing with Pet, Smoke, and other Odors

If you find yourself dealing with a listing that is full of odors, don’t make the mistake of simply trying to cover it up. Some people believe that burning candles or painting the walls will get rid of the bad smells, but in reality, you will end up with a bad combination of the bad odor and another scent – think vanilla cigarette smoke or lavender cat urine. Doesn’t sound so appealing does it?

Instead of trying to cover up the bad odors, you need to eliminate them. These are odors that won’t go away just by opening the window or by using an average cleaner on the carpet. That’s where our Repel-a-Smell and Fresh Foam products can help.

Repel-a-Smell effectively removes, not covers up, odors from a space in less than 24 hours. It is fast and effective on even the toughest smells to save you money in turning around your apartment or home. It uses chlorine dioxide to expand through all the spaces of the unit so that it comes into contact with everything and replaces all unpleasant odors with a pleasant, fresh scent. It eliminates the strongest pet, smoke, food, and spice odors.

Our Fresh Foam is perfect for eliminating foul odors using a friendly bacteria that eats away the leftover grime and bad bacteria that sticks to the walls of trash chutes, dumpsters, and compactors. If you are operating a commercial property, this will deep clean and remove any strong odors so that bad smells will never be an issue.

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