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Manager Spotlight: Krista Bagot

This month we’re featuring a property manager a little closer to home, Krista Bagot, wife of our own Harry Bagot! Krista has been a property manager for the past three years at Benedict’s Place, an affordable apartment community for those 62 and over run by the Diocese of Camden. However, Krista has been in real estate property management for more than 30 years.

What does your day on the job typically look like/involve?

I spend my day interacting with senior citizens and completing and assisting with paperwork required for affordable residents.

What do you find most enjoyable about this role?

I enjoy working with the residents and being able to hear their life stories.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in this role?

That I do like old people now that I am one of them!

What’s one product that you can’t live without?

Fresh Foam

What’s your favorite thing about Fresh Foam products?

This is the only product we have found that cleans and smells good, too. The residents are very pleased with it!

One thought

  1. I believe you are our old neighbors from Cherry Hill. Your dog Jack and my dog Lola were buds. I came across Harry’s name when it was on an email for renewing our Fresh Foam contract. I’m the homeowners association president at our over 55 community, Meridian of Valley Square in Warrington, PA.

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