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Fresh Foam – Deodorization Services.

Our Trash Foam Deodorizes While it Cleans

At Fresh Foam, we realize that property managers like yourself need to keep critical areas of your commercial or residential property clean and fresh smelling.

  • Trash handling areas such as chutes and dumpsters.
  • Bathrooms, loading docks and drains.
  • Apartment units and offices.
  • Gyms and fitness centers

Whether you run an office building, retail establishment, apartment building, or fitness center, you need to keep your property clean and odor-free for residents, workers or customers. Our trash foam is a cutting-edge product that deodorizes as it cleans. We can sell our foam deodorizers to you, so your in-house staff can handle the job, or we’ll come to you if you’re in the New York City to Washington D.C. areas.

Trash Handling Areas and Loading Docks

When it comes to areas that are prone to foul odors, it’s hard to beat places that handle the movement or storage of garbage. Any commercial or residential property will have a dumpster or trash compacter, and if it’s a high-rise, it may also have one or more trash chutes.

Our trash foam is composed of friendly bacteria that eats away at the leftover grime and bad bacteria that stick to the walls of trash chutes and the inside of dumpsters. In addition to the foam, we provide the foam-dispensing equipment that is best for your needs. For small properties, you may only need our small pump foamer, and for bigger jobs we have our Foam Cart with its 100-foot hose and 15-gallon storage tank. The foam and equipment is equally effective at eliminating odors from spaces such as loading docks, bathrooms and drains.

Deodorizing Apartments and Office Spaces

If you manage an apartment building, you need to get recently vacated apartments into shape to be rented again. Beyond making it look good, odor elimination can be a major part of this task.

At Fresh Foam, we offer a product called Repel-A-Smell. It effectively removes odors from an apartment or an office space in a commercial property in less than 24 hours. This fast, effective odor-removal solution handles the toughest smells, and it will save you money in turning around apartments.

Deodorizing Gyms & Fitness Centers

Having an odor-free workout space with sparkling clean exercise equipment is essential for gyms and fitness centers. At Fresh Foam, we know what it takes to get the job done when it comes to your exercise machines, free weights, benches, and more. Our foam sticks to every surface of your gym to provide a thorough, deep clean, and it stays in contact longer to absorb bacteria and grime—providing an effective cleaning.

Most importantly, our gym deodorizing products ensure your workout facility remains fresh and odor-free, keeping your clients satisfied.

Why Fresh Foam Is the Superior Option

Foam has properties that make it superior to liquid cleaners or deodorizers. Whenever you spray a liquid cleaner on a wall or ceiling, you see it immediately start to run down the wall or drip off the ceiling. Foam, on the other hand, adheres to any surface it’s sprayed on, which gives it more time in contact with that surface to deep clean and remove any strong odors. You have enough problems in running a residential or commercial property, but with our products and equipment, complaints about bad smells won’t be one of them. At Fresh Foam, we believe in being flexible in order to provide as much help as you need for your particular situation and budget. We’ll sell you our cleaners and deodorizers as well as the dispensing equipment, or we’ll come to you if you’re in our New York City to Washington D.C. service area.

Repel-A-Smell Is the Answer to Foul Odors.

When tenants move out of an apartment, you’re losing money every day it stays vacant. You want to get it fixed up to rent again as quickly and economically as possible. This is where our Repel-A-Smell product enters the picture. It utilizes chlorine dioxide, which expands throughout all the spaces of an apartment unit and comes into contact with all surfaces and replaces all unpleasant odors with a pleasant, fresh scent. It works on the strongest pet, smoke, food and spice odors.


Depending on whether you wish to purchase Repel-A-Smell from us and handle the cleaning yourself or have us come and do it for you, we offer the following options:

Do-it-yourself kits: $40-$80
Service option: $199 per apartment (up to two hours)

Our team at Fresh Foam will work with you to determine which supplies, equipment and other options are best for you. Our foam cleaning and deodorizing products are here to save you time and money in keeping your property looking and smelling clean and fresh. You only need to purchase those products or services you want.

Please contact us today, so we can tell you more about our Repel-A-Smell and other products. We’ll also schedule a consultation.

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