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COVID-19 Reactive Disinfecting Services


Peace of Mind for Staff & Tenants

When you have confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases at your property, the urgency to restore safety and peace of mind to your current and future residents is of the utmost importance. Fresh Foam offers sanitizing services to combat the spread of COVID-19, using our EPA-registered antimicrobial disinfectant, which is approved for use against COVID-19 and has a kill time of just 5 minutes.

During a pandemic, rapid response is the key to ensuring the safety of your residents. The virus can survive for prolonged periods of time on various surfaces, meaning proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is crucial for re-opening infected areas. Fresh Foam can help with your post-COVID infections with our expert disinfecting services.

Fresh Foam

Reactive Disinfecting Services

This service is for a confirmed or suspected case of COVID. It is typically a last-minute urgent service. We seal off the area, provide disinfection of high touchpoints and flooring, and use a HEPA vacuum as needed. We also employ extra safety precautions for staff.

Fresh Foam disinfectant solutions help to maintain a safe place for residents and staff in:

Apartment Units

Office Spaces


Staff/Worker Areas

Common Areas

High-Touch Areas


Fitness Areas

Why Fresh Foam?

Expert Level Disinfecting of Suspected and Confirmed Infection Cases

When you have had a case of COVID-19 in your apartment community, all measures must be taken to restore and ensure the safety of your other tenants. Fresh Foam certified experts follow CDC guidelines and use EPA Approved disinfectants to help give your residents peace of mind. Gain confidence in the safety of your property with Fresh Foam’s expertise.

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