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COVID-19 Preventative Disinfecting Services


Disinfecting Between Tenants

Even during a pandemic, finding a new home is considered to be an essential business. Landlords and property managers must facilitate a change in tenants as quickly and safely as possible during COVID-19. Fresh Foam offers disinfecting services for apartment property management companies with our EPA-registered antimicrobial disinfectant that is approved to be used against COVID-19.

Fresh Foam

Preventative Disinfecting Services

This service is for before and after an event such as an apartment turnover, realtor showing, or other large event. This is a planned scheduled service that focuses on a concentrated area. We wipe down high-touch areas and flooring as needed and use a HEPA vacuum. We are usually the last team in and out of the location. This causes more of a disruption to daily activities.

We apply our powerful disinfectant to all surfaces in and around your apartment community, including:

Apartment Units

Front Desks

Staff Offices

Community Areas

Public Leasing Areas

Trash Chute Drawer Handles

High-Touch Surfaces

Fitness Areas

Why Fresh Foam?

Expert Level Disinfecting for Turnovers and Showings

After a tenant moves out, it has been common practice for the landlord or property manager to perform a thorough cleaning, but most new tenants moving into a space now want to know that their new home has been thoroughly disinfected by a professional. Fresh Foam offers peace of mind to your new residents, and can provide a certificate of disinfectant treatments for your property to show new and prospective residents. Gain confidence in the safety of your property with Fresh Foam’s expertise.

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